Iraqi Oil Report
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Iraqi Oil Report

According to Hart Energy's World Refining & Fuels Service forecast, global petroleum product demand in 2030 will grow by 27 million barrels a day and Iraqi oil production will be key to meeting this demand. Most analysts think that Iraqi oil production may eventually approach 12 million barrels a day, but the timeframe is very uncertain and deploying the necessary US$200+ billion investments, both physical and human, to produce and move Iraqi oil to markets will be a monumental undertaking. Although Iraqi government developed legal contracts that attracted International Oil Companies to invest in eases to produce oil, infrastructure investment appears to be lagging. As a country which has been in conflict for much of the past 25 years, Iraq faces an enormous challenge. Hart Energy's report details the current investment climate, key fields and projects by company and provides essential production projections.


Key benefits
  • Understand the political situation in Iraq and its evolution
  • Hear about the investment and business context from "on-the-ground" sources
  • Get reliable data and analysis on current and future Iraqi oil production
  • Identify the key fields and projects by company
  • Assess the current oil infrastructure and where it needs to go in the future
  • Understand how Iraq impacts global supply balances as well as long-term pricing
Scope of the report
  • Political Landscape and Legal Framework
  • Global Implications of Iraqi Oil Production
  • Key Fields, Projects & Players
  • Current, Planned and Projected Infrastructure: Pipelines, Storage & Ports
  • Iraqi Oil Production Forecast
  • Iraqi Oil Demand & Refining
Who Should Buy the Report?
  • Any company thinking about entering the Iraqi oil industry
  • Operators
  • Service companies
  • EPC firms
  • Contractors
  • Logistics companies
  • Investment funds
  • Strategic planners of companies that are significantly influenced by the price of oil
  • Oil price forecasters
  • Librarians of companies in the oil and refining industry


Featuring insiders' information gathered from exclusive interviews of

Shigehiro Hagiwara, General Manager Japex's Dubai Representative Office

James Adams, Vice President, Exxon Mobil Iraq Ltd

HE Dr. Hussein Al-Shahristani, Iraq's Minister of Oil

Ahmed Redza Abdul Wahab, Group General Manager, legal & Corporate Affairs, Petronas

Abdul Mahdy HAl Ameedi, Director General of the PCLD (PetroleumContracts &Licensing Directorate)

Arnaud Breuillac, Senior Vice President Middle East, Total

Mounir Bouaziz, Vice President, Middle East & North Africa Upstream, Shell EP International

Hans-Christian Frietag, Vice President Marketing, Baker Hughes

Dr. Sami Al Araji, National Chairman, Investment Commission (NIC)

Bob Phillips, Divisional Director, Iraq, Mott MacDonald

David Laurence, Partner, Herbert Smith

Hans Hoikar, Managing Director, Petronor

Companies mentioned in the report:


Mott MacDonald




Occidental Petroleum











Gazprom Neft




Baker Hughes



North Oil Company

Turkish Petroleum