Global Shale Oil Study
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Global Shale Oil Study

Shale-oil plays development is in its infancy but operators worldwide are attracted by the economics and ready to apply the lessons learned from North America.

Shale oil could be the answer to oil supplies pressures and to energy security issues many nations are facing. As international oil companies (IOCs), national oil companies (NOCs) and independents are investigating the potential of deposits across the globe, Hart Energy has gathered and analyzed the keys to prospectivity of over 85 non-North American plays. Drilling activity in most regions is still in the earliest phase of exploration.

Key Benefits
  • Evaluate shale oil plays around the globe based on geology – Kerogen type, thermal maturity, thickness, depth
  • Understand the key challenges in each region/country – fiscal terms, infrastructure, logistics
  • Learn from shale-oil development lessons from North America
  • Assess current/planned activities and technical barriers
Report scope and overview
  • Characteristics of shale-oil reservoirs
  • Data requirements and evaluation techniques
  • Shale-oil development considerations – lessons from North America
    • – Technologies, costs and efficiencies
    • – Decline patterns
    • – Economics and sensitivities to price, costs
    and fiscal terms
  • Description of 85 potential shale oil plays across 5 continents
  • Basin geology and shale properties as known today
  • Current/planned shale-oil activities
  • Assessment of shale-oil prospects by country
Who should read the report
  • E&P Operators (IOCs, NOCs, Independents)
  • Service Companies
  • Equipment / Technology Providers
  • Investors and Capital Providers
  • Governments
  • Oil traders
85 non-North American oil shales identified in this study

Drawing on a proprietary database and extensive research (gathered in multiple languages to avoid English-only limitations), the Global Shale Oil Study has found potential for commercial shale-oil production across the globe. The study analyzes the lessons learned from North America and examines shales in Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (China, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Australia and New Zealand), Africa and Russia/CIS.

It analyzes shale resources from both technological and commercial perspectives, providing such details as:

  • Total basin area
  • Prospective area
  • Net Org-Rich Thickness
  • Depth
  • TOC%
  • Thermal maturity
  • Era/period analysis of each formation