Marcellus Directory Cover

Marcellus-Utica Directory

The Marcellus-Utica Shale is one of the hottest regions in the US today for drilling and production activity. Companies in all disciplines are positioning themselves to be part of the action, and Hart Energy's Marcellus-Utica Directory is your link to the region. It's the go-to resource for anyone working the Marcellus right now, looking to break in, or serious about investing in this prolific region's upside potential.

The print edition of the Marcellus-Utica Directory, tells you who is working the region, what they are doing, where they operate, and whom to contact. You'll find customers, prospects, suppliers and how to reach them. You can pinpoint the product or service you need right now for the job you're working on with the unique Buyers' Guide of Products and Services.

Organized to help you quickly find the information you are seeking, Hart Energy's Marcellus-Utica Directory covers:

  • Exploration, Production, Land
  • Midstream & Refining Operations
  • Drilling, Well Service & Workover Contractors
  • Geophysical Contractors & Data Brokers
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Field Services
  • Environmental Services & Products
  • Non-Field Services
  • Information Technology
  • A unique Buyers' Guide of more than 400 product/service categories!

The print edition has a powerful companion edition – Hart Energy's Marcellus-Utica Directory online, available at no charge to subscribers. Each subscription includes both the print and online editions.

The online edition offers enhanced search capabilities so that you can look for individuals by name, or for companies operating in a specific area which offer just the products or services you need. Its unique mapping feature helps you locate any address or facility. And because the database is continuously updated throughout the year, Hart Energy's Marcellus-Utica Directory online provides the latest available information on companies in the region, a benefit more important this year than ever before.

Whether you're looking for customers or prospects or potential partners or specific products or services, or even to find an old friend or colleague in the region, Hart Energy's Marcellus-Utica Directory online is a terrific business tool.

The print edition is published annually in August. You can subscribe anytime to the online edition and you'll receive the book (while supplies last) and have access to the latest information online for a full year.