Mapping & GIS Services

Hart Energy mapping services revolutionizes the oil and gas data industry by providing the new standard-setting quality that today's client demands.This focus on quality places us as the industry leader while our competitors continue to follow the path we have forged.Our commitment to high standards, client satisfaction and a strong desire to pave the way into the future will raise the bar for data quality in our industry.

We continue to challenge our competitors, industry clients and ourself to prove quality and inspire continual improvement rather than simply repackage out-fo-date data that is presented with a new marketing message.Our mission is to ensure that every company, large and small, can obtain the highest data accuracy possible at the most reasonable price rather than suffer the historical exorbitant costs set by vendors with inflated overhead.


Digital GIS Data

Our GIS Data's dependability is achieved through a careful data-normalization process, always keeping our customers' satisfaction in mind. We take several fundamental verification measures to develop data reliability, which include data analysis, querying, graphical representation, and more. Plus, our research team is constantly mining industry private and government agencies for acquisition, purchases, investment and other general press releases to constantly update our Digital GIS Energy Datasets.. And our Digital GIS Data allows for such feature. The data is provided in the most common format: ESRI Shapefile (*.shp) projected at the NAD 83 standard. which can be easily imported into any other GIS system besides ESRI"s ArcGIS.

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Digital Maps

Rextag Strategies is proud to present the latest addition to its great line of digital information, the Rextag Strategies' Digital Maps, specifically researched and compiled for the business professional working in the Energy Industry. The ready-availability, quality and quantity of information contained in our newly developed Digital Mapping products, makes it not only comparably the most affordable in the market, but the most efficient and easiest way to inform clients, investors, executives, business partners, and financial officers.

While the quality of our printed products is excellent, we realize that having the capacity of map customization is a widely desired feature our clients' wish they had. With that in mind, Rextag Strategies developed its Digital Maps so that you can generate your own maps at different scales for different areas for faster and better in house analysis of the industry to ultimately make better informed decisions.

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Custom Mapping Services

Our team's vast experience and knowledge of the most employed software in the industry position Rextag Strategies as leader in providing cartographic and graphic design services to the energy industry. Furthermore, we combine our qualifications in graphic design with our expertise in data management to supply our customers with extraordinary advantages over their competitors.We not only create striking designs, we do map the energy industry and we repeatedly exceed our customers' expectations.

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