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World Refining & Fuels Service

Obtain the information and analysis you need to meet the industry's emerging challenges with Hart Energy's World Refining & Fuels Service (WRFS), a comprehensive service providing each year: 

Now with digital mapping of refineries and pipelines in North America.

FULLY ACCESSIBLE ONLINE, with a searchable and interactive supply & demand database by region, country, fuel type, and year:

  • Global, Regional and Country Specific Analyses
  • Crude, Refined Products and Clean Transportation Fuels Trade Flows
  • Crude and Product Quality Requirements
  • New Refineries and Expansion Projects
  • Global Public Policy Implications
  • Global Impact from North American Unconventional Development
  • Continuous Refinery Investment Tracker and On-site Meetings
Excellent Tool for Detailed Business Planning
  • Based on full LP programming (based on AspenTech's Aspen PIMS)
  • Projections are provided in 5-year increments from 2015 through 2035.
  • Distillate demand and supply forecasts split into product segments (on-road, off-road, agriculture, industry)
  • Supply & Demand split by sulfur levels (15 ppm, 15-50 ppm, 50-500 ppm and more than 500 ppm).
  • Detailed capacity outlook by type of process (reforming, FCC, Coking…)
Who should subscribe to the WRFS?
  • Refinery Executives and Strategic Planners
  • Crude Producers
  • Technology/Catalyst Licensors
  • Lubricant/Additive Suppliers
  • Engineering Firms
  • Pipeline/Tanker Fleet Transport Services
  • Investors and Financial Planners
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Government Compliance Agencies
  • Ethanol and Biodiesel Producers