Refining Outlook for Atlantic Basin: 2008-2020
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Refining Outlook for Atlantic Basin: 2008-2020

Reformer Operations and the Impact on Aromatics Supply

Published September 2010
An Insightful Study Jointly Developed by Hart Energy’s Refining Specialists and Dewitt’s Petrochemical Experts.

The role of reformers within refineries of the Atlantic Basin continues to evolve. Demand for gasoline is expected to decline, as more renewable fuels are blended and consumers favor more fuel efficient vehicles. As the world economy recovers, distillate demand is expected to grow, and many refineries’ hydrogen supplies will once again be problematically short. This phenomenon should have far-reaching effects on global supplies of benzene, toluene and xylenes. Reformers directly or indirectly account for more than 50% of the Atlantic Basin’s benzene production and virtually all of the region’s toluene and mixed xylenes.

The study includes production economics for both continuous catalyst regeneration reformers (CCRs) and semi-regenerative reformers, based on products price forecasts provided within the study. An analysis of recent refinery rationalization and pending regulations further limiting benzene content of motor gasoline in the U.S. is also analyzed.

Who should read the report:
Refiners, Petrochemical Manufacturers, Technology Providers, Traders, Investors…
What you will get from the report:
  • Obtain essential data for your strategic 2011 planning: Reformer competitiveness, margin per region, BTX…
  • Understand reformates global supply and demand situation – 3 forecast scenarios: low demand, most likely demand, high demand
  • Identify and anticipate aromatics supply & demand imbalances around the world – trade flows, price history and forecasts…