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Alternative Fuels Service

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AFS features:

  • Analysis of infrastructure, policies and legislation influencing alternative fuels and vehicles, including taxes, subsidies and emissions.
  • Discussions on issues related to alternative fuels such as compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and E85, amongst others;
  • Access to a secure, members-only Web site – an experience enhanced with timely Flash Reports, comprehensive Special Reports, interactive Webinars and much more; and
  • Direct contact with our internationally renowned specialists, offering unbiased analysis of all these global issues to help members understand vital market opportunities and trends in alternative fuels.

Over 50 countries / regions covered including:
Argentina, Brazil, Australia, China, Colombia, Egypt, EU, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE, and the U.S.

For each country, the service provides:

  • Environmental information (air pollution, climate change position...)
  • Alternative fuels technical specifications (LPG, CNG, E85, E100, Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel...)
  • Fleet information and emissions standards
  • Infrastructure statistics
  • Alternative fuels & vehicles policy (laws, regulations, directives...) and fiscal policy (grants, tax incentives...)
  • Industry news and related industry press releases