Hart Energy Excellence Awards 2012


Hart Energy recognized the best work by its editors and designers in 2011 with its inaugural Editorial, Content and Design Awards of Excellence presentation at the Omni Houston Hotel on February 29.

Finalists in 13 different categories received certificates of excellence, and each category winner received both a trophy and a bonus check. CEO Rich Eichler made the presentations. In his remarks, he repeatedly praised the company’s content teams as the foundation upon which all its other operations, from publications to websites and conferences, are based.

The highest honors, the Board of Directors’ awards for Best Design and Best Content, were chosen from among the 13 category winners. The awards, crystal cups, were presented to Nick Escobedo (design) and Brian Tully, Leslie Haines, Marc Conly, Nissa Darbonne, Steve Toon; Lowell Georgia and Susan Klann (content).